Beer Kits

Brew your favourite beer at home with our “Just add water” beer kits. The kit comes with everything you need plus written instruction. Just add water and boil. Each kit is enough to make 5 gallons of beer.

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Cream Ale
Cream Ale is a style of beer that is pure American. The finished beer will be light and crisp w..
Dry Hopped West Coast IPA
A much more hop flavor and aroma IPA due to multiple hop additions in this beer including the a..
Dry Irish Stout
This Dry Irish Stout is an exception to this generalization since it is fairly light in body an..
Heather ’n Honey Deep Brown Ale
This beer is heavier and darker than typical English brown ales. It also has the unusual additi..
Oak Barrel Imperial IPA
A ramped-up version of the classic American IPA, more grain, more hops, more alcohol... and wit..
Streets of London Porter
This brown porter has a lighter color and- while maintaining medium body and dark, roasty, coff..
Customize your own beer
If you can’t find anything you like here or want to create your own beer, choose your ing..