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All hops are available from 1 oz to 1 lb. Both hop pellets and loose hops are available. Please contact us for details.

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Used for: American Style ales Aroma: Floral, citrus, sharp, and piney Alpha acid: 4-6.3% ..
Used for: Good for bittering and flavor, but an acceptable aroma hop as well. Pale Ales, IPAs, Po..
Used for: Good for flavor and aroma, but an acceptable bittering hop. Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters ..
Used for: Aromatic but acceptable for bittering. Medium to Dark American Ales, IPAs Aroma: Medi..
Used for: Strong bittering ability. Most beer styles from Pale Ales to Lagers Aroma: Mild to me..
Used for: Bittering with good flavor. Light and dark American lagers Aroma: Medium and quite sp..
Used for: Bittering mainly, good flavor. American IPAs & Pale Ales, Stout, Lager Aroma: Ear..
Used for: Finishing, Dry hopping. English ales, especially Pale ales, Porters, Stouts Aroma: Mi..
Used for: Good all around bittering and finishing. Stock ales, Altbiers, Belgian ales, and Contin..
Used for: Bittering and good aromas. A wide range from Pale Ale to Lager to Stout Aroma: Known ..
Used for: American Ales, IPAs, Double IPAs Aroma: A bittering and aromatic hop Alpha acid: 12..
U.S. Magnum
Used for: Pale Ales, IPAs, German-style Lager Aroma: High alpha variety Alpha acid: 10-14% ..
U.S. Northern Brewer
Used for: Good for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant. Steam beers, English-style Al..
Used for: Finishing, dry hopping. American and British ales and lagers Aroma: Mild and pleasant..